Some great reasons to get on the turbo from Sportstest coached Karen Poole….

After all Winter pain = Summer gain 🙂

Sportstest RT

Most people who get to know even a little about me think I’m mad; for cycling to work in heavy rain / snow / gale force winds, for riding a CX bike round the 7 Stanes forests (red loops), for racing 3 Peaks less than 4 months after breaking my collar bone, for naming each and every one of my bikes and holding conversations with them, or for taking my cuddly zebra (Zeb) with me everywhere I go! The thing that throws even hardened cyclists is my winter-long love affair with my turbo trainer.

It’s not the fact that I do training on the turbo that other cyclists find mad, everyone does some turbo training right! It’s the nature and style of the training. Working with my valued coach Garry Palmer (Sportstest) we use the turbo to increase my aerobic capacity and lose a bit of winter blubber in the…

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