More brilliant insights from Sportstest coached Alex Taylor…. his summary:
Running races are really friendly and supportive
When adrenaline kicks in, things that hurt, stop hurting. Until after.
Trust your coach (as long as you have a good one!)
Don’t underestimate what you can achieve
Spend money on seeing the right people rather than Gucci kit.

….but read the whole post!!!!

Alex Taylor - Project: Donkey

Saturday 12th November saw me run my first ever running race, the Cheshire 10 at Arley Hall.

It was also the first time I’d run 10k as a discrete, ‘in anger’ effort. The fastest I’d covered 10k in before was 49:25 during an interval session. I’d only really started running in November last year and, as per previous posts, I was RUBBISH back then. 10k took me comfortably over an hour.

However things have improved significantly with Coach Garry‘s help and I was nervously excited to see what I could do, despite a recurrence of a very painful ankle that had initially hampered me in the Spring.

I had no idea how I’d do or how to pace it. About a month ago I did a park run in a time of 20:50, which was a huge improvement of over 3 minutes from my last one a year ago…

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