It is always great to make a few notes as an end of season review. It helps give focus when building for the coming season. Here Sportstest coaching Alex Taylor gives an honest and useful review of the season.

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Alex Taylor - Project: Donkey

I’m writing this now having finished my last main event of the year. It’s been a brilliant year for me, I’ve learnt so much, met some great people and got fitter than I ever thought I could. I wanted to wait until now to have a good overall perspective. This is a long post for me. Bear with it.

End of 2015

At the end of part 1 I explained how I had gotten a little bored and was looking at a new challenge. I didn’t want to go back to bunch racing due to the risks. I was finding the training for Time Trialling a little dull.

I’d been to Aerocoach for a session there to get me more aero, resulting in potential savings of around 30seconds over 10 miles, however I never got to ride the new position on the road as I managed to defect my bike…

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